Interested in working in an international Collaboration?


Bachelor and master theses

We always have several projects for students who want to do their bachelor or master thesis with us. You can choose if you want to do data analysis or do hardware work at one of our detectors.

Current projects: Test und Aufbau von Strahlführungsmagneten zur Messung des Protonenradius,

Verbesserung der Feldhomogenität eines supraleitenden Magneten zur Durchführung eines Experimentes zur Suche nach Hexaquarks mittels polarisiertem Target und Photonenstrahl.

PhD theses

You can run your own experiment, plan your beamtime and analyse your own data. Travel to different countries to present your results at collaboration meetings and conferences. You can work in the A2 hall and get hands-on experience mit particle detectors. There are many more possibilities, just get in contact!

Student jobs

Running a nuclear / particle physics experiment at a particle accelerator needs a lot of manpower. We always need help in taking shifts or doing data analysis.

For more information contact:

Prof. Dr. Michael Ostrick
Tel.: 24085
Room: 0-140 main building Institute for Nuclear Physics

Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Gradl
Tel.: 25871
Room: 01-125 new building Institute for Nuclear Physics

Dr. Andreas Thomas
Tel.: 22948
Room: 02-225 new building Institute for Nuclear Physics