Collaboration Meeting Oct 2010

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16th Crystal Ball Meeting

Dubrovnik, October 10th - 13th 2010


General Remarks M. Ostrick
Photon- and pion-nucleon interactions in a unitary and causal effective field theory M. Lutz
New measurements of scalar polarizabilities E. Downie
Eta and eta' decays with CB and CLAS A. Starostin
Eta mass determination A.Nikolaev
Omega in medium V. Metag
Meson photoproduction off deuterons and 3He I. Jaegle
Status report: CB A. Starostin
Status report: TAPS Basel
Status report: MWPC's P. Pedroni
Photon beam line D. Middleton
Trigger P. Otte
DAQ J. Annand
Endpoint tagger B.Briscoe
TPC W. Gradl
Analysis of PT runs V. Kashevarov
Analysis of PT runs P. Martell
Anlysis of PT runs P. Barrientos
Analysis of pol. 3He runs P.Pedroni
Planned runs with pol. deuterons B.Krusche
Recoil polarimetry M. Sikora
Gamma p -> 3pi0 p A.Starostin
Electromagnetic form factor of the eta meson H. Berghaeuser
quasi-free photo production of pi0-mesons M. Dieterle
Photoproduction of eta-mesons off 3He L. Witthauer
Quasi-free photoproduction of eta-mesons off the deuteron D. Werthmueller
Eta production using the microscope J. Mancell
An active target for low-energy gamma-p and gamma-d experiments Maev
Satellite Workshop on polarised targets (EU-SpinMap)
EU-Projekt: Internal Magnets for DNP W.Meyer
The Mainz transverse holding coil H.Spina Ortega
Active Polarised Target S.Schrauf
Polarized target for Drell-Yan program at COMPASS II N.Doshita
Polarised solid deuteron targets G.Reicherz
Medical applications of DNP Ch.Hess
The Dubna-Mainz Dilution Cryostat G.Gurevich
The polarised 3He target at MAMI J.Krimmer