Crystal Ball Setup


Pictures from the Crystal Ball Detector


Remounting the detector

April 2003



May 2003

      All photomultiplier tubes are mounted


Frame Work

May 2003






October 2003

      Mounting the lower hemisphere into the frame ...


... and the upper hemisphere

A few hours later is the CB in beam position.

November 2003

      A new target cell for the Crystall Ball is produced. Tests will be performed.



February 2004

      Pictures from the Particle ID Detector


March 2004

      Crystall Ball is now fully cabled and more than half of TAPS-detector crystals are mounted


      At the right photograph one also can see the target cell in the middle of the crystal ball detector.


April 2004

      The Multiwire Proportional Chambers



Installing the Wire Chambers inside Crystal Ball

May 2004

The complete setup

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